A Lesson in Vengeance : Book Review.

A Lesson in Vengeance was a delight to read, and here is why it earned five stars from me.  Victoria Lee Understood the Assignment.  When -the bestseller seventeen years old novelist - Ellis Haely enters the Dalloway school, the girls gather around her like moth around a flame, she is everything a prodigy girl is;... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a Geisha: Book Review.

I would ask you, do you know what a Geisha is? but that refers to an object! so I would reformulate my question and ask you who is a Geisha? Who can be considered a Geisha? .  A Geisha is a Japanese Performer and artist;  she can sing, dance and perform while entertaining clients.  Now... Continue Reading →

Silent Words.

I thought you would understand me without words That I won’t have to talk the pain out of me, For you to reach into me and squeeze it dead. Annihilate it as if it never was there. But I have to talk for your ears to hear my voice. And I have to step down... Continue Reading →

The Setting Sun: Book Review.

This is another piece of Japanese Literature; The Setting Sun (1947)  by Osamu Dazai.  Fiction written by Dazai is intrinsically universal, the story of Kazuko is set during the post-war period, naturally that leaves the country in a climatic tension of change and depression. In The Setting Sun such givens are the background setting of... Continue Reading →


I am writing on October, in September. I am writing to break a curse. In October things fall apart. And I scurry down a familiar path. Towards a freezing winter, a cunning killer. I lit candles, I let the attic door ajar. In fear the ghosts get bored early this time. -The Purple Muse. With... Continue Reading →

The Unhoneymooners : Book Review.

The Unhoneymooners, when you take your twin sister’s identity to spend a fake honeymoon with your nemesis.   The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren is the heartthrob of romance books, the story of two identical twins Olive and Ami whose similarities end up at looks level, when their luck and life are in total opposition. While Ami... Continue Reading →

Cemetery Boys: Book Review.

Book Review: Cemetery Boys is a fantasy YA book by Thomas Aiden, The book was published in September 2020, it’s been one year already and the story of Yadriel keeps mesmerizing readers from all around the globe. Yadriel has summoned a ghost, and now he can’t get rid of him.When his traditional Latinx family has... Continue Reading →

Reasons to Stay Alive: Book Review.

Book Review: Reasons to Stay Alive is a non-fiction mental health book . It was released in 2015 written by Matt Haig, the writer of the genius  The Midnight Library.  Self help books and mental health are not really my forte. I read fiction most of the time, but this year’s bucket list included “reading... Continue Reading →


Can you feel the sunrise, inching towards your sky, flirting with the darkness, in hope it obliterates your sadness. They said “you are the mountain you desperately want to climb” How? when I am ashes scattered in the ground. -The Purple Muse. With Love, K.


Crazy how, despite it's inevitability. Every time it takes one of my dear ones, I don't know how to cry it. Grief. -The Purple Muse. With Love, K.

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